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            STYLE                                                            OVERALL SIZE        

                                                                                                                (W x H x D - mm)

SINGLE DOOR                                                           457 x 559 x 51               

DOUBLE DOOR                                                        838 x 559 x 51               

DOUBLE DRAWERS                                                 381 x 559 x 521

PROPANE TANK DRAWER                                      491 x 572 x 419

PAPER TOWEL HOLDER                                         279 x 406 x 298 

PROPANE TANK DRAWER & SINGLE DOOR        838 x 559 x 419



Differences in computer screens may cause colors to appear differently than the actual material.                                                                     Copyright Outback Culture 2012


All sizes stated above are approximate.

We suggest that you dont cut any holes until such time you receive your units.

To compliment your REDI-PREP Base Cupboards or even if you want to make your own outdoor kitchen we help make it as easy and stylish as can be with our range of Insert Stainless Steel Doors.

These doors help to make it simple. With the good looks of stainless steel and the ease of installation you are already halfway there in creating a master piece. Just build your frame, cut a hole for the door, slip it into place, screw it in and enjoy.

We can also supply stone or acrylic tops, Acrylic Splashbacks and just about anything else you need to make it your Outback.

Zesti Pizza Oven
Stainless steel doors built into timber face
Beef Eater Stainless Steel Doors and Drawers
Beef Eater Stainless Steel Doors and Drawers
Beef Eater Stainless Steel Doors and Drawers
Beef Eater Stainless Steel Doors and Drawers
Backyard Buddy Redi-Prep Cupboard with stainless steel insert doors