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Differences in computer screens may cause colors to appear differently than the actual material.                                                     Copyright Outback Culture 2012


These kitchen islands have been designed with great looks, style and budget in mind, but don't worry they aren't cheap and nasty either. The use of quality materials is still prevalent and selected to withstand the Australian climate.

Again they are designed to be modular, come preassembled and designed to fit together with ease so installation is a breeze. With interchangeable panels you can customise the colours and design shape and configuration. Built strong to last a lifetime these cupboards also have the additional accessories, like fillers and kickboards available which allows you to finish off your cupboards and have that built in look.

We suggest that you refer to our Design Solutions page for more information and guidelines for the perfect finish.


The Backyard Buddy is built on a specially designed structural steel framework and clad with lightweight architectural claddings that are used in the most extreme environments, even on skyscrapers. They are tough, weather resistant and virtually unbreakable. The design of the Backyard Buddy will also allow the installation of heavy stone and granite tops.


All the materials in the Backyard Buddy are also fully recyclable. There is no threat of environmental or personal hazards during the construction process. We return our off cuts to be recycled, so what we dont use today we will use again some time in the future.


We all know how the Australian sun gives anything a beating, and we all know that colours fade when left out in the sun. Our boards have their colours and UV inhibitors mixed in when the boards are manufactured, so the colour you see on the surface of the board goes through the entire board and UV inhibitors are added to prevent fading or chalking.

Refer to the COLOUR CHART for a sample of the range.


Testing also shows that the material will not absorb water, so when it comes to a waterproof cabinet, this is the best product on the market. You could completely submerge the cabinet in water for 1 week and when you remove it the cupboard will be as good as it was before it went in. Try that with a kitchen made from a MDF or Chipboard baseboard.


The finish on these units is strong and durable. Glossy, Matte, metallics you name it there is a colour and finish to suit your tastes.